“Buna we call it, yeah Ethiopian Buna and just sit and talk for everything. We are talking about you know how life is, how is everything you know, whatever you know that’s discussion, we just discuss each other…it’s us, we are it. You can’t live without food, isn’t it? Ethiopians, we can’t live without coffee” (Interview RG 18th July 2009)

Welcome to Buna and Popcorn oral narratives and visual archive. This website has been set up for individuals to share memories, experiences and histories.


Buna and Popcorn is a website dedicated to a PhD study which uses oral narratives to explore the significance and impact that cultural traditions, rituals and traditional health beliefs have on resettlement, mental wellbeing, and suicide of Ethiopians in the UK.   A specific focus will be to explore the strategies adopted (as indicated above) as a means of alleviating the difficulties and challenges experienced by participants in their attempts to resettle in the UK.  It also aims to deepen our understanding of the significance of cultural traditions and rituals (specifically the traditional coffee ‘Buna’ ceremony) in the construction of identity in exile within the context of resettlement.  

The PhD study and this Buna and Popcorn website is the work of David Palmer. The PhD is supervised by Dr Derek Kirton and Dr Lucy Williams from the University of Kent (www.kent.ac.uk)

This website is intended to be interactive and on-going and as such I would very much appreciate contributions from the wider Ethiopian community.  I would be fascinated to hear the stories of any interested Ethiopians, please contact me via my email address with any memories, stories or experiences and challenges. 

By recording your story you will have contributed to the history of Ethiopian settlement to the UK and your story will be part of tomorrow’s history, and your place in it will be assured.